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Simply Commerce Announces APSCo Membership

6th February 2020

Simply Commerce Recruitment is pleased to announce that we have joined the recruitment trade body APSCo. APSCo is the only UK recruitment trade body with an international footprint with in-country operations in Germany, Singapore and Australia. APSCo’s international reach, knowledge of global recruitment markets and brand recognition as a trusted badge of quality makes them the ideal partner for us. As we continue to expand across Europe, APSCo will play a vital part in supporting us through this process.

Ann Swain CEO of APSCO, has said the following: “I am delighted to welcome Simply Commerce into APSCo membership. All of our members have to commit to a strict Code of Conduct and a rigorous, independently verified, referencing process that means that APSCo is a trusted badge of quality for candidates and employers.

 Simply Commerce is widely recognised for their sector expertise, collaborative approach and innovative thinking and these qualities make them a perfect fit for APSCo.  I am sure that they will value the networking with like-minded peers and use APSCo’s specialist range of professional services to further drive their future success.

APSCo membership is fundamentally about aspiring to the highest possible standards. It’s not easy to become a member and the fact that Simply Commerce embraced this process and joined APSCo shows their commitment to excellence.”

Everyone at Simply Commerce is looking forward to working with APSCo over the coming months and years. Tim Roedel, Director of Simply Commerce Recruitment has said ‘I am very confident that APSCo will provide us with the support and services we require, enabling us to deliver a high standard of delivery to our clients and candidates within the digital commerce sector. Thank you to everyone who has supported us with our application by supplying references and guidance during this time.’

To find out more about APSCo and the services it can offer please visit

To learn more about Simply Commerce and the current digital commerce roles available please visit


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